Saturday, February 28, 2009

The story of Mr. Penguin and the Road-kill Bunny...

photo by Dean

...or, the wonderful toys handmade for me by Kym, which arrived all the way from Australia. Isn't Mr. Penguin magnificent? Glad he arrived with his own warm, woolly scarf since it's still quite chilly here and odds are that we aren't done with the snow (although that should all make him feel right at home).

photo by Dean

You have just got to love the wonderful sense of humor proven by the creation of a 'road-kill' toy for a pet! We weren't sure, Dean and I, that we were going to let Biscuit have his new toy; not that we're mean or selfish, but he's not been the best doggie to his soft toys in the past.

We took a deep breath, told ourselves that Kym said it was for Biscuit, and introduced them:

And it was love at first bite! I am delighted to say that so far, anyway, Biscuit loves his bunny but has not loved him to death, which is wonderful. Those knots on the ends of bunny's appendages are Biscuit's favorites, and they seem to keep him occupied enough so he doesn't chew up the bunny otherwise. Also, the lack of stuffing is perfect, since Biscuit's general trick is to knock the stuffing out of a toy as quickly as he can.

Thanks again, Kym!!


Natalie said...

Saw the roadkill. laughed out loud. Got called back to the domestic front. Snuck back here to say: I miss you, and I thank you for being such a dear friend. I saw Mamasparks' V-Post and I thought uuuuuh, I was supposed to write a U-Post.
Good grief.
I think I sympathize with that flattened-deflated-crazy-eyed road kill!

KBG said...

Biscuit was in the running for pooch name here, too, but Copper was the big winner. I can't believe how big your Biscuit is getting!