Monday, February 16, 2009

Way-back Machine

1980 High School Year Book

Whoa. I'm not sure what I was expecting from Facebook, but it wasn't the return to high school that it's turned out to be. I would never have thought people outside of my very immediate circle (which was small) would have remembered me. It's weird to think about the places where your own story intersects with other people's -- especially without your being aware of it much or at all. Facebook has a very different feel than blogging; for the moment I'd say it's shallow but broad and much more public. The 'public' is more people you know directly, even though a blog is open to everyone and Facebook works off of personal invitations. I'm not expressing this well because I'm still processing it, but so far I'd be willing to recommend checking it out over there if you haven't yet.

And in the "life is so interconnected that my brain is having trouble comprehending it all" department, this experience is dovetailing for me with Natalie's deep thoughts about beauty and self-image. I did not think I was beautiful when I was in high school; I consistently measured myself against standards of beauty that left me falling short. I wish I could have appreciated and valued what I had then, and wonder if I'm capable of applying that appreciation to my current self (whom I think of as having danced way past 'prime').


Natalie said...

Oh, yes. You brought up another tangent that I resisted discussing... looking back and suddenly seeing that you looked pretty or good or whatever, just liking what you see, but knowing that you definitely did not feel that acceptance for yourself at the time. I do that all the time. So, can we dare ourselves to embrace ourselves NOW and later?
We really must meet for tea... I have so much to say and I want to listen to you.

Linda said...

what a gorgeous photo!! simply stunning!! I have just removed my Facebook page, I found whenever I went on it just needed too much time, all these requests for the most silly things!!! Not for me so I just got rid of it, I have enough trouble keeping up with my blog and Flickr both of which I really enjoy and am inspired by!!