Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Soul searching

Well, then.

Somehow, in the midst of getting ready to move from California back to Australia (and needing to line up a place to live and other related details), Lesley's made time to post an alphabetical meme. She's assigned me the letter 'S', so my challenge is to list 10 things I love that begin with that letter. Given that I started this post at 6:30 a.m. and it is now 7:40 p.m. (work -- how it interferes!!), I think I'm going to start a list that I'll finish tomorrow.

1. Sushi. I love sushi. I didn't think I would, way back when on the day I first drew upon my courage to give it a try. And now I love. it. This beautiful plate was enjoyed at the California Grill at Disney World.

2. I love softies. I love making them, as I did these three erstwhile Musicians of Bremen, and I love seeing what others have made. Of the eleventy-million things I wish I had more time for, designing my own softies is waaaay up high on the list.

3. Admittedly I am tired of snow, but I adore snowflakes. I love when it snows the kind of snow when you can look down at your mitten and see each tiny, perfect, crystallized flake, and I also love these that my mom made for me.

4. Stargazing never ceases to captivate me. I know so little about what I see, but I love each moment spent looking.

5. Sea glass. I especially love collecting it for real on the beach; I love that the ocean, and even Great Lakes, can take in garbage and give back jewels.

6. Sunrise is my favorite moment, and I love to be awake to see it (I almost always am).

OK -- four more tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you'd like to play along just leave a comment and I'll give you a letter.