Monday, March 19, 2007

And there goes the day

No, it's not shrinking and I'm not obsessed (really) -- but just going ahead and showing the next step on the hamsters (rick-rack for all). And no, I haven't attached the head patches to the background yet, so they aren't lined up nicely and the baby one's really isn't wobbly -- just the impact of the scanner. Yesterday I also managed to find the right fabric (and plenty of it) to bind the baby quilt WIP; just have to cut the strips and get going. I hate binding the most which is a shame since it's the last thing in between WIP and DONE. I was determined to find fabric in my stash for the binding and I'm glad that I found something that doesn't feel like a ridiculous compromise -- I probably would have been stubborn enough to go with something rather than spending a little money on the right thing. My motives are good -- making use of the outrageous amount of material I have on hand -- but even I see the stupidity in ruining the thing after finally getting this far.

Along with being inspired to tackle my supply of WIPs, I'm also very much inspired by the people who are making a commitment to make do with less. I don't want to keep buying stuff. Ken feigned a heart-attack the other day when I said I wanted to do everything I could NOT to buy any new clothes for myself this year and to make an effort overall in the house to clear things out and not buy anything more. (As a proponent of the Japanese/minimalist look, Ken has been waiting for this for 18 years -- no wonder it nearly bowled him over.) My "throw out an old container of mystery condiment from my cabinets per day" project is coming along nicely and soon (perhaps even today) I'll rearrange two cupboards to take advantage of the new real estate. I felt a little guilty buying a fresh bottle of cider vinegar today (this was where the whole thing started -- I'd pulled some out to use in a recipe and discovered that the "use by" date had gone past by, well, several years) BUT I reasoned that it's very cheap and it really is itself (I mean, you can't just go substituting white vinegar for it) and maybe I'll just have to make apple pies and raisin bars more often. But I don't need any more coffee mugs or blue jeans or sweaters or candle holders or rick-rack (here's hoping Gail does put in her request so I can send her some) now or any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I'd stop by since you were so kind to visit me. I really should have been in bed by now as I've had a 13 hour day at work. I couldn't resist reading your entries. It sounds like we have more in common than Stampin' Up, although I too have a good friend who sells it! I tend to be a good customer. I need to slow down though. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back to visit :D