Sunday, March 18, 2007


Dean says I can't go changing what kind of animals they are and that I said they were hamsters, so hamsters they are. He and Ken also want rick-rack around their "faces" (I'd been thinking a band of fabric, but no, they want rick-rack) so that needs to be added (deep gold for Ken, or Papa Hamster, and a medium blue mini-rick-rack for Baby Hamster). I think I'll still do some beads around in the background area, but may drop the idea of the words ('once upon a time') and may even drop the top and bottom borders, but I'll see once the portraits are finished and attached.

We've a busy Sunday in store for us -- Easter cards to make, Easter/birthday decorations to put out, some housecleaning to finish and laundry (always) to catch up on. And that's just my agenda. Or, my group agenda, I should say, since I'm also hoping to find some time to dedicate to the quilt and to general puttering in my room (a little cleaning up in here wouldn't hurt at all -- my arms are reaching across a sea of pens and small scissors and thread and toy patterns and stickers and Pokemon cards as I type this). One of the many benefits of throwing over my corporate career for a more simple job is that I got my Sundays back. It used to be that work was so busy and so stressful that Sundays were given over to worry and planning and strategizing -- the demands of the coming Monday overshadowed the peace that should be a Sunday. Of course, the added benefit of usually not having to work at all on Mondays helps, too (and I still manage to forget that almost every week and find myself, like now, suddenly delighted at the thought of the additional time to tend to my own things!).

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Flibbertygibbet said...

Love the hamsters (good call on the ric rac, btw) and looking forward to seeing your chocolate bunnies...I do wish I'd kept a dino or two but I guess they're not great for the diet!