Sunday, March 4, 2007

Feel the power

A significant amount of time was spent today nailing down the details for Dean's upcoming 9th birthday party, and then getting the invitations made. He'd had an uncharacteristically hard time making up his mind about where to have the party (bowling alley or home, bowling alley or home?); last year was indeed a bowling party and past years' had been at home. Ken was rallying for another bowling (or other, 3rd party location) party, since he doesn't like dealing with the whole thing at home. But I was pleased with Dean's choice, being partial to home birthday parties myself (and I do take on the preparations regardless). I also like having the excuse to get the yard and house all cleaned up since it is, alas, a rarity for us to have the yard AND the house all looking good at the same time. And my gosh, to have the basement and basement bathroom, the first floor, AND the second floor all clean at the same time -- we don't even manage that at Christmas! Dean picked a Power Ranger theme and I was fortunate to have taken a picture of him with a Power Ranger at Disney World so that made the invitations pretty easy. Gotta love Photo Shop! You can laugh at me now, since the date of the party is April 28 and yet I just HAD to get this taken care of today or I wouldn't be able to sleep well with it hanging over me.... Priorities.

While printing out the invitations I sewed the bias trim around the neckline of Dean's dashiki. It was pickier a job than I was picturing and I now regret so quickly volunteering to help with getting the other children's done, but perhaps if we split it up among the other sewing moms it won't be too bad. I just wouldn't really want to have to do the remaining 13. But maybe then I'd really be a pro at it by the end.... Again, having no quick option other than to put it on my scanner, I'm hardly showing it to its best advantage, but you get the general idea. I will get some pictures of Dean wearing it, which will give better credit to his batik work and his sewing (the children hand sewed the seams for the sleeves and sides). I'm going to use some of the pieces of leftover fabric from the children's cloths to make a small quilt for their teacher as a memento of the project and the year and will post how that comes out.

I've packaged up by two swap boxes and intend to mail them out tomorrow; I think I'm more eager to hear how the recipients like what I've sent than I am, even, to receive my own mystery packages (although that will be quite wonderful, I'm sure!).

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