Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring dog

It is a staggeringly beautiful morning here on the eastern side of central Massachusetts. My computer is next to a window, and I had to open it up to hear the birdsong which is now rich with many, many voices. At this time of the morning, the owls are still hooting, joining in the song birds with their low bass notes. The air is crisp -- probably about 43 f. or so, and the quality of light is such that you would know, even without knowing, that it is spring.

If you don't have Jenny's scottie dog pattern yet, you need it. I am using my re-felted felt to make this little guy, who's intended for Dean's lunch box next week as a birthday countdown treat. (The felt is pretty stiff and thick -- it's working, but again I would NOT recommend felting felt.)I thought I was so on top of things when, yesterday, I heard Dean coming up the stairs so I stashed the doggie under a pile of fabric left out just for that purpose. But Dean looked down at the table in front of me, saw the pattern pieces all cut out and with pin holes in them and said, "hey, who are you making the dog for?" I just gave him the look, the "boys who have birthdays next week should not be poking around and asking questions look," which he understood. In as much as I intended to be surprising him, I cannot tell you the joy it gives me that my son can glance at pattern pieces and discern their purpose, AND that he's at the stage in his life where he gets what I mean by my looks and just smiles and walks away happy.

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Felicia said...

That is so sweet! And you also know that he is really going to love that dog. :)