Monday, March 5, 2007

On a Monday

On Mondays I don't go to my job-outside-the-home, usually. I drop Dean off at school and prepare to see the next 6 hours rush by, in a mix of housework and errands and some time for myself to play. I cut the dashiki scraps to make two mini quilts today -- one for Dean's classroom teacher and one for the art teacher who oversaw the batik project. This sample is from the piece for the art teacher, quickly and simply string-pieced after having done a more formal piece for the classroom teacher (I'll post a scan after it's a little further along). I wish I'd done string piecing for both -- this one's a lot more fun (although the more formal piece does reflect, I think, his teacher's personality more). Anyway, it was one of those things that just consumed me; I'd meant to just give the project a little bit of a start and then -- wooosh! -- it took up my day. So instead of getting much housework done, I made more of a mess. It's the power of "flow" -- the way doing something you truly enjoy just pulls you in and makes time irrelevant. I wish I'd understood flow back in the day when I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, and then when I spent all those years doing all those other things that made Mondays drag like stubborn toddlers.

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