Friday, March 30, 2007

What I get out of it

My second and final swap package arrived yesterday; a big warm thanks to my partner, who did a great job and sent plenty of extra fabric and a lovely spool of ribbon. I didn't do a great job on the scan, but do you see that red fabric in there? -- Scotties! I'm going to use some of it to make a bed for the Scottie that I'm making for Dean. And the guitars -- perfect for a little something for Ken, our very own Guitar Hero. The other fabrics have "softies" written all over them, just as I had hoped.

I was reading through the open swaps, trying to decide if I should capitalize on my wonderful experience and try another one, but realized that I need to finish that &$@#! baby quilt, get through Dean's birthday, and Easter, and Dean's birthday party, and then perhaps consider taking on new projects. I feel foolishly proud of myself for seeing and responding to my own limits (maybe I am learning, after all).

A friend commented to me recently how amazed she was that I was managing to keep up with blogging -- she's intrigued but doesn't know where she'd find the time (she has two children to my one child, and works more hours farther away from home than I do, so I can sympathize). What I've been thinking about is how much blogging (especially seeing what others around the world are up to) has expanded my thoughts and creativity. The time I put in is paid off in spades when I walk around smiling, thinking about projects and ideas and people and opportunities and connections -- this whole other side to myself that's been missing for a long time has opened up again (do you remember how much time you had when you were, oh, 15 to 25 years old, roughly, to ruminate? to consider your own ideas and to ponder the ideas and opinions of others of which you were just being made aware? to carry around a journal to write it all down? to dream up things to do with your time?). Sure, right now what I need to do is tear myself away and get some things done, but the bits of time I put in online are making my truly, purely happy. That's worth the investment, don't you think?

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Felicia said...

Definitely worth the investment. I hear what you're saying about devoting time to thinking. When I was a kid I kept a diary but as an adult I've been too busy to put my words to paper. Blogging has changed all that for me and now I'm able to get some of those thoughts out there.