Sunday, March 11, 2007

Slogging ahead

Whatever it is we are going to be doing today, springing ahead is not an option. Daylight savings has us losing an hour -- at risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, I'll admit that I despise the twice-a-year time changes. Just leave it alone! (No one listens....) But anyway, we all seem to have lost the battle overnight to some nasty colds after having had a fairly healthy winter. Today will be spent trying to rest up so we're in better shape for our Mondays.

On the delightful news front, I've heard that both my swap partners received their packages and both seem pleased with what I sent. Helen's package included some African-themed fabrics (I managed to distort the first image here; sorry about that):
While Dawn's package was more on the whimsical side:Again, without a digital camera I am at the mercy of my scanner, which gives the idea but doesn't do much for presentation. Both packages included some other treats and trinkets as well. I haven't decided yet if I'll keep swapping, but am glad I made this venture out into that aspect of the blogging world. I'm considering an entry to the latest tie one on project (I hear the siren call of rick-rack) but want to be careful that I don't line myself up with lots of reasons not to finish up on and move ahead with my own projects. Ah, the lure of distraction! In and of itself, a component of spring for all animals, I believe. I hope I feel well enough today to do some project work so it takes my mind off of not feeling very well.


Helen Conway said...

Oh I like mine so much more than the ones you sent to your other partner! I sent a letter back a couple of days ago so it should be with you soon.

Jennifer said...

That's perfect to hear, Helen -- I am so happy to think that perhaps I was able to glean enough about each of you to send the right things! I do recall reading you weren't big on the pastel-y stuff.... But, still, happy spring to us all (in all it's pastel-y-ness).